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Joe's Garage

  • Best equipped mobile bike shop in Calgary
  • Season: April to October, weather permitting
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 8 a.m.-6 p.m. (or later)
  • First come, first served
  • Same day service is first come first served: bikes left in the morning are ready for pick-up later in the day
  • if space available, bike can be left for later service
  • on the Bow River pathway in central Calgary on the south side of the river just east of the 10th Street LRT bridge.
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  • Joe’s Garage is mobile, low impact, self-contained, and equipped for almost any repair.
  • Joe carries many parts and can accommodate most special requests.

Please call ahead to confirm that Joe is on site - 403-874-JOES (5637).

Joe's Mobile Bike Garage
Joe's Mobile Bike Garage

About Joe

Joe Nunn has been doing outdoor bike repair on the Bow River Pathway near downtown since 2007. He:

  • has been a bicycle mechanic for almost 30 years
  • enjoys bringing old clunkers back to life
  • approaches each repair as a challenge. The $100 department store special is given the same attention as the $10 000 custom racing bike.
  • is familiar with components of all eras
  • would much rather repair a part than replace it. This is beneficial to both clients and the environment
  • is happy to share his knowledge of cycling.

Joe enjoys many aspects of cycling. He has:

  • raced road and mountain bikes
  • done multi-day cycle tours
  • worked as a bike messenger
  • used a bicycle as his main mode of urban transportation for many years.

403-874-JOES (5637)

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